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Educational Access & Equity: Promoting formal and informal educational opportunities; promoting PreK-16 educational attainment and achievement among Detroit youth and community members; college readiness and access.

Arts & Culture: Engagement of community members through the exploration of creativity in various art forms (i.e. visual art, literature, music, theatre, film, dance, etc.); Enhancing quality of life through cultural arts.

Health & Wellness: Addressing health disparities, disease prevention/treatment, mental health, medical/professional training & development.

Community/Public Affairs and Economic Development: Small business development; increased employment opportunities, talent development; funding and policy initiatives in support of community needs and development.

Environmental Quality: Community infrastructure development; sustainable living (food, air quality, water, land, etc.); community and personal security.

Family & Youth Development: Provide improved quality of life opportunities for residents through community education, recreation, social services, leadership and promoting lifelong learning.

Science, Energy & Technology: Promote the advancement of innovative science, energy and technology use and capacity among communities and individuals; advance community-led regeneration.

Urban Food Production & Safety: Promote the cultivation, processing and distribution of safe and secure food; build community capacity to engage in effective food production and safety.